Makkah has lots of holy places for you to visit during your Umrah trip. These sacred places hold immense spiritual values for the pilgrims. When you book your Umrah transport with us, you can also sign up for the Ziyarah of Makkah.

  • Thawr Mountain

    Thawr Mountain:

    This mountain consists of one of the famous cave “Ghaar-e-Su’ur” where once Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.A) made stay for three days and nights while they were on their Hijrah journey from Makkah to Madinah.This mountain is located in the lower part of Makkah and it also portraits a picture of important Islamic history.

  •  Arafat


    Arafat is a vast ground where Hajj is performed. It is important part of the Hajj and hajj is incomplete without it and it consist of Jabl-e-Rehma which is the small hill. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) delivered his famous last sermon on this ground. It is also known to be the place where Hazrat Adam (A.S) and Bibi Hawwa (A.S) met for the first time on Earth.

  • Nimra Mosque

    Nimra Mosque:

    This is the mosque where only two prayers (Zuhr and Asr) are offered throughout the year during the Hajj ritual. The mosque is inaccessible during Hajj days, but its outer courtyard is easily accessible for Nawaafil prayers on other days.

  • Muzdalifah Ground

    Muzdalifah Ground:

    Muzdalifah ground, a most important part of the Pilgrimage has been visited since the time of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). Pilgrims are required to spend a night in the ground of Muzdalifah as it is considered to be the ritual of Hajj.

  •  Mina & Jamarat

    Mina & Jamarat:

    Jamraah is compulsory for the completion of Hajj as it is the practice of stoning the three Shaitaans. It has to be completed in Mina. The three pillars located in Mina indicate the Shaitaan, and Jamaraat is the act that allows thousands of Hajis to throw pebbles at Satan.

  • Jabl e Noor

    Jabl e Noor:

    Jabl-e-Noor Mountain contains the famous cave called “Ghaar-e-Hira, " two hours climb. This is the cave where Prophet Muhammad (SAW) received his first revelation from Hazrat Jibrail. This cave holds great importance in Islam for being a historical place. It is of a few arm's length.

  •  Jin Mosque

    Jin Mosque:

    Masjid-e-Jin is also called with another name "Mosque Haras" located in Makkah, the mosque is famous because Prophet Muhammad (SAW) recited Holy Quran there in front of Jinn and then he moved to pray for them until the time of Fajr. Doing all this, Hazrat Abdullah bin Masood (R.A) was with him.

  • Janat ul Mualla

    Janat ul Mualla:

    This cemetery is located to the north of Masjid-al-Haram and has graves of relatives of our Holy Prophet (SAW). His wife Hazrat Khadija (R.A) his grandfather (Abdul Muttalib) and his other ancestors are buried there. The cemetery holds great historical importance and is a place to pay respect to relatives of the Prophet.

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